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Production IT Services Overview

Building on our over fifty years of extensive touring experience, Clair Global delivers streamlined IT Networks, allowing production to function at its highest level from the very start. Demands on productions to operate consistently from site-to-site requires reliable onsite solutions. Connectivity is a must in order for a production to succeed so Clair Global provides high density, portable Wi-Fi Networks, mobile office connectivity, hardwires connections and VOIP services for music, sports and corporate events.

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Experience Reliability

Managed IT services allows for infrastructures to be built in order to support the process and dependencies the entertainment industry has established for events. From a conference center to a festival in the desert; Clair Global supplies speed and performance. Every system deployment provides our clients the opportunity to reliably connect production staff and engage with fans.

With the Network in place, productions are able to engage with their audience as well as fans at home and sponsors on a whole new level via a multitude of platforms. High-speed connectivity provides endless possibilities. Fans can share reactions and emotions in real time no matter where the performance venue.

Infinite Possibilities

Constantly evaluating client feedback and ideas allows us the opportunity to push boundaries. Every Wi-Fi deployment provides our clients the opportunity to deliver an exciting and innovative new element to the fan experience.

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