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Video Systems Overview

Clair Global caters to video and audio productions across the globe providing technology and services to broadcast television, concerts, sports, entertainment production and live events. Camera technology and production needs are constantly evolving and Clair is dedicated to providing your production with the tools needed to achieve success.

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We provide the latest equipment and trained staff to all markets. Our turnkey video systems include studio-configured multi-cam flypack systems, ENG-configured remote camera packages, wireless video transmission systems, Point of View (POV) & Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) systems, HD IMAG systems, and a large selection of additional broadcast cameras & accessories. Clair works with cameras like the Sony PDW-F800, Sony PMW-500, Sony PMW-F55 and the Canon EOS C300. Clair Global also provides frequency coordination, wireless microwave technologies, fiber transmission, satellite transmission, encoding/decoding, internet broadcasts, custom design and engineering consultation.

As productions push the boundaries and strive to capture engaging visual content, the technology needs change to meet those demands. Clair Global is dedicated to staying on top of the technology and investing in HD wireless technology and the education for our staff to deploy the best system for the production. Clair Global also has the latest in multi-channel audio networking and interfaces, intercom & communications, full RF and digital communications, frequency coordination, fiber transmission and centralized remote monitoring.

Proven Record

Clair Global has provided services for major television networks, corporate entities and artists including: ABC, NBC, CBS, Disney, Democratic National Committee, The Olympic Committee, Buena Vista Pictures, ESPN, the NBA, the NFL, Fidelity Investments, NuSkin and Radio City Productions.

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