Excellence is Born

Brothers Roy and Gene Clair experiment with sound systems as a hobby in their garage. In 1966 they provide sound at a local Four Seasons concert, which is the start of the business.

Clair Brothers Audio enables the touring concert industry to evolve and expand by designing, engineering and manufacturing the 32 channel parametric EQ Clair Console (CBA-32) and the very first hanging sound system (Platform System) for indoor arena touring shows.

Global Presence

Clair Brothers Audio expands globally to include; the Japan shop, Audio Rent for European operations, and JANDS in Australia. Thereby ensuring that Clair cabinets are now available worldwide.

Clair Brothers Audio strengthens its industry status when our i-Series™ speaker system makes its debut. We also acquire MD Systems, which establishes our presence in the Nashville marketplace.

Clair Brothers Audio, the sound industry leader, changes its’ name to Clair Global. We join forces with SHOWCO, ConcertSound and DB Sound. By 2008, Clair Global is the most awarded company in the live touring and sound industry.

Clair Global expands into additional entertainment markets including Wi-Fi, Backline and Video with the pursuit to boldly advance the entertainment experience. Clair Global partners with TAIT Towers to create the industry’s first campus focused solely on live entertainment production; Rock Lititz.