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Clair Global provides high-quality, industry-leading audio solutions by consistently listening and answering challenges raised by engineering and production professionals. We strive every day at any hour to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Meeting the Challenge

For over fifty years, Clair Global has been building and engineering our own speaker enclosures. Additionally, Clair Global staffs technical engineers with countless years of experience on the road who work tirelessly to provide seamless integration in every possible way. Clair Global is passionate about education, including continuing education, so that all team members stay up-to-date on Clair gear as well as all of the newest industry technology.

Clair Global utilizes the latest wireless technology to deliver the same level of audio quality no matter what the environment or what outcome you are trying to achieve. Wireless audio technology allows for both productions staff and artists to deliver the creative vision regardless of environmental variables. Clair Global has dedicated the equipment and the technical staff to make wireless technology a priority across the entertainment industry.

Our Audio Products

Our products are constructed from the best materials by the best people – without compromise.

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Adaptable to Suit Your Specifications

Our engineers collaborate with each client in order to design and implement an audio system that is completely custom to the demands of their production. Our goal is to deliver results beyond our client’s expectations. That is the Clair Global way.

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